StuntMTB – this is my life!

StuntMTB is creativity, perseverance, poured out liters of sweat and thousands of calories burned on trainings and also big passion and lifestyle. It gives me vent emotnions and opportunity to develop myself everyday.

Today on my bike I show to everyone that there is no impossible things. I inspire young, develop this dicipline by organizing competitions and I give people entertainment on each of my show.

Cooperation with me will graced every event.

Kamil Kobędzowski

Cooperation rules

To perform I need small cured place – asphalt, concrete or paving and designated safety zone for the audience.

I can perform individualy or co-create more complex show.

There is also a possibilty to adapt my image script by themed events. I also offer participation in videos and advertise a company or its products.

Thanks to a large contribution to the development of the sport and the performance in a Polish Got Talent show I gained popularity in stunt society all over the world.\