About me

Who I am and what I do?

I am 21 years old guy who fulfill his dreams. I live in small village near Cracow. I have been training bicycle acrobations since 2010. MTBstunt consists in doing tricks on flat ground. For example wheeling on rear or front wheel or standing on the bicycle frame. As a child I have been inspired by my brother, who used to try riding on one wheel. I searched videos of other riders in the internet until I started invent new tricks. I train on a asphalt spot an average of 4 times in week. My family in particular my girlfriend Natalia supports me in that what I do. Thanks that it is easier to develop myself.

What I do besides riding?

I study Management at the University of Economics in Cracow. I work in Decathlon as a serviceman. It gives me a lot of joy and experiences. I like to work with people and help them. Every free time I spend with my girlfiend.

What kind a bike have I?

I ride on a mountain bike made on Dartmoor Phantom 2013 frame (before Dartmoor Hornet 2011). It is modified in the following way: it has wide wheels with slick tires, strong rear brake, mounted pegs and also strengthened and covered with rubber seat. These are some modifications which help in stunt riding.

My achievements

In years 2011 and 2012 I took respectively third and second place in the International Online MTB Stunt Championship and currently I am an organizer of them and in the same time I am in a jury. In year 2013 I have performed live in Polish Got Talent show. This was a big step in my career. In years 2014 and 2015 I was co-organizer of first mtb stunt competitions in Poland. In year 2015 I took a part in HP company product advertisement emitted in Polish television. I perform on automotive fairs in Wroclaw, in Cracow, and in Poznan and on other events for example Czech Stunt Day in Ostrava (Czech Republic). Together with Sfera Sportu we organized the first MTBstunt championship called MTBstunt Grand Prix. It was unbelivable event because representation of India came to competite!

What is my goal?

My goal is to develop my skills and show them to wide audience in Poland and abroad. I want to inspire young people to start with this discipline. Bigger mtb stunt’s popularity would give me opportunity to organize competition series. I plan to make next international MTBstunt championship in Poland in year 2018. My dream is to make my passion an international official sport.