11 February 2022

Amazing bicycle show!

If you organize an event and you need some great attractions for you audience contact to Kamil Kobędzowski, who make amazing performances!

You can choose what type of the show you want: Individual show by Kamil Kobędzowski, Group show by Kamil and two other top stunt riders, and additionally we can bring bicycle academy for youngsters where kids can learn how to ride safely in the city!

Contact: kamilkobedzowski@gmail.com

11 February 2022

MTB Stunt Grand Prix 2022 Ustka!

This year is gonna be epic! 30th July 2022 is the date of the next World MTB Stunt competition in Ustka! You cannot miss it!

More info soon!


11 February 2022

New Sponsor!

In 2022 season Kamil will ride for Marin Bikes! Getting a real sponsorship from bike brand is a big step for him.

Let’s see how will it affect for Kamil’s riding! Big projects are coming!